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Guidelines for abstract submission
  1. Abstracts may be submi
  2. Abstracts must be in English only
  3. Each author may submit a maximum of 2 abstracts(in total)
  4. The deadline for submitting abstracts is Monday 1st June 2020 IST
  5. Designate one author as the presenting author
  6. If a case is accepted for presentation, the designated presenter will be asked to
    submit a full power point presentation by the end of July.
  7. The presenter must be a registered delegate at the Meeting and pay all applicable

Abstract should include

  1. Abstract title
  2. All authors, including full first names (no initials) and last names and affiliation
  3. All email addresses of authors (i.e. email address of each individual author);
  4. All submitted cases should be in a structured abstract not exceeding 200 words. Please divide the abstract into the following subheads: 1. Aim/Purpose 2. Case Description 3. Conclusion/Message
  5. Please indicate any financial interest the presenter or any co-authors have with details where applicable.
  • Choose a theme for your abstract from the following:
    • Pediatric anterior segment / external disease
    • Amblyopia & vision screening / testing
    • Paediatric cataract
    • Genetics
    • Pediatric glaucoma
    • Neuro – ophthalmology
    • Miscellaneous
    • Pediatric retina / uveitis
    • Strabismus / nystagmus
    • Pediatric oculoplasty
    • Surgical techniques

Video Submissions

  1. Video submissions should have an abstract which should not exceed 200 words.
  2. Full Video should be a maximum of 4 minutes long and demonstrate a surgical
    technique or show clinical signs
  3. After submitting the abstract, authors will have to send the complete video in a CD to: Room no 116, Advanced Eye Centre, Post graduate institute of medical education and research, sector 12, Chandigarh. 160012.

If you have any queries surrounding your submission, please contact

All abstracts will initially be reviewed and the decision would be conveyed to the
corresponding author.

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