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Guidelines for Chairman, Co-Chairman, Convener, Moderator and Judges

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Time Management

Time is your MOST IMPORTANT responsibility. Please START the session on time. CONCLUDING
the session on time is even more important so as not to impinge upon the next session. Also ensure that
your session does not spill over into the changeover time between sessions. This time must be utilized
only for the next session Chairpersons to settle down.

Conflict of Interest

It is absolutely mandatory that in any competitive session where you are the judge and you feel there may
be conflict of interest because one of the presentations is by you/your associate/your family member/your
institute please inform the Chairperson- Scientific Committee immediately on receiving the information
about the session, so that alternative arrangements could be made & you could be assigned a different

Other Guidelines
  • Once submitted & accepted no change in authors or topics is allowed in any of the
  • Certificates for presenters of Free papers will be available on their Dashboard.
  • Certificate for Best Paper for all sessions will be given in Valedictory function at 2 pm on
    Third day.
  • Do not allow change in the order of the presentation unless you feel it is absolutely
  • Kindly indicate the Paper and Presenter’s name in the marking sheet
  • The Presenting Author’s TNOA membership to be checked before the presentation.
  • If the presenting author is a non-member of TNOA, DO NOT EVALUATE that
    particular paper/e-poster/video for any AWARD. Hence, before announcing the result,
    please ascertain the presenting author’s TNOA membership.
  • Indicate your marks in the given mark sheet for 100 marks. Marks are for Content,
    Presentation, Slides & Originality (25 marks each).
  • At the end of session, please calculate the total marks of each paper and the highest mark
    will be the BEST PAPER OF THE SESSION.
  • Please indicate the BEST PAPER in the mark sheet clearly and also announce the same at
    the end of the session. ENSURE THAT THERE ARE NO ERRORS IN
  • The result announced is subject to ratification by the Scientific Committee office.
  • Switch off your mobile phone and also don’t go out of the hall during the session. Kindly concentrate on each presentation so that justice will be done.
  • Don’t consult the marks with other judges. We want your individual evaluation.
  • Please mark whether all the Free papers were presented.
  • If there are any absentees ( including the judges), please indicate in the mark sheet clearly
    as “ABSENT” without fail.
  • Write your name in Capital letters with mobile number in the marks sheet and apply your
    signature .


In pursuit of the ‘Go Green Concept’ of MADRASICON 2020, all Certificate of Attendance,Dr MGR University Credit Points, Certificate of Participation (Free paper, Physical poster, e-poster, videos and e-videos, award sessions) Certificate of Appreciation (Invited speaker, Chair, Judge for special sessions, chief and co-instructors of Instruction Courses, evaluators of free papers, WET LAB trainers, Executive committee members. Volunteers) will all be available in each one’s Dashboard as e-Certificate after login in website which can be printed. The Scientific Committee will also set up kiosk at registration counter to print certificate
of attendance for those who wish to have a hard copy.

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